DIY: Framed Needle Point 

Spring is coming full circle in Ohio this week. And it’s got me all pumped to finish up some projects I’ve had on the back burner all winter. 

This one I am particularly excited about! I’ve had this needle point for about 5 years. I picked it up at thrift store for $4. I had no idea what I was going to do with it then and I actually have put it on Etsy several times hoping no one would buy it because I loved it so much. 

I decided a few months ago that it needed to go in our bedroom and I started thinking about how I wanted to hang it. I couldn’t decide if I should frame it for a more polished look or wrap it around a canvas for a more raw look. 

A few days later I did my normal thrift store rounds and found a frame at Goodwill that was the perfect freaking size. It was $40 bucks, which come one Goodwill. A little steep for the free shit you’ve been given. But… I knew I wouldn’t be able to find this nice of a frame at a better price and find another of the perfect size. 

All in all this was a super simple and quick project. I painted the frame white and fit that baby in there.

I used the thick matting that originally came in the frame to keep the needle point nice and tight and screwed on he backing. And that was it. So easy and it makes such a beautiful statement piece in our bedroom. 

I’m seriously obsessed with it and find myself standing in the bedroom staring at it, like “I fucking love you needle point, you complete me” okay maybe not that serious but it’s close. I mean spending $44 and hardly anytime is a win-win to me. Especially when it turns out this amazing! 


DIY: Updated Wreath 

I picked up this awesome wreath before Christmas. It had berries and greens woven through it and it was so unique. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Plus I think I paid about 16 bucks for it, so… Score.

I recently removed its holiday swag thinking I could definitely use this baby all year round.

Nick’s Aunt and one of my favorite people ever got us this “E” monogram for Christmas and I’ve had it lying around for a couple months unsure of what to go with it. Then, bam. I had a great idea using this “E” , a little jute and a glue gun!

This was one of the easiet projects ever. All you need is to wrap the jute around the middle (top) of the “E” and secure it with your glue gun. And whalah! Ready to hang!

It turned out even better than expected! I absolutely love it and cannot wait for it to get a bit warmer to add some touches of spring greens in too!


Vintage for a Cause Project: details 

I really should have shared this a couple months ago but ya know, life and stuff. I sell some home decor at a local consignment shop and in October the owner and my friend Tracie asked if I wanted to do a project with her for our local, About Magazine. Of course I said, “hell yes” and the rest is history.

The basis of the project kind of mirrored the popular show Flea Market Flip. Which I’m sure you guys have seen. So we were able to pick any piece to completely repurpose and were given a $100 budget for the piece and any supplies that we needed. We’re so good though, we recycled most of the things we used for the project and came well under our $100 budget. The pieces were auctioned off online and the proceeds all went to a local charity which is pretty darn cool. We also got a full feature in About Magazines December issue! Double cool, I know.

Here is what our piece looked like “before”

Our idea for this old armoire was to turn it into a bar of course. But not just any bar, an elegant, classy bar with a little bit of funk.

Some progress shots.


We painted most of the piece black but wanted some peacock to pop in a few places. So we did the corner pieces in the peacock with a crackle and then add it to the drawers as well.

We painted the entire inside gold. Took out the top two drawers on the right and added wood shelving and wine glass holders. On the left we added two mirrored glass shelves and added mirrored glass to all the back panels inside.

The real change came with the “new” doors! Tracie had these led glass panels from her home that was built in the 20’s we framed them out with some new wood and voila, show stopper ready.

After many hours of blood, sweat and exhaustion here she is in all her beauty.

This was such a fun and rewarding project and I’m so greatful that Tracie asked me to be a part of it! If you’re around Canton, Ohio make sure to stop at Young at Heart Furniture and Decor. You won’t be disappointed. Scouts honor.


quick update:closet progress

We are getting ready to have a totally new furnace and duct system installed. So, this probably won’t look like this for long but the before shots were so terrible. I had just had to show you a quick update on the actual progress. It is no where close to how I want it but it looks SOOOOOOO much better. If you missed the before, go check it out. ((horrible))

I also gave the dresser drawers a nice fresh coat of paint. Really gives it a nice clean look.


What projects are you guys working on this Winter? Any big or small updates in the works? Feel free to share, the more we share, the more we inspire.


diy: thrift store lamp update

I picked up this pair of lamps for $20 at the thrift store a while ago. I really liked the lines and curves of them.


I wanted to make them more modern and of course, add a touch of gold. Just call me Midas.

If you would like to do a similar lamp update here is what you’ll need: 


-primer spray paint

-black spray paint (or color of your choice) 

-painters tape 

-gold spray paint (or color of your choice)


First, you will want to lightly sand your lamps, just to get that top coat off to give your paint something to grab onto. Once you’ve done that. Tape up your cord and socket.


Now scary a couple coats of primer on each lamp, allow to dry in between coats.


Once you have a nice cover of primer and the paint is thoroughly dry, take a light grit sand paper and lightly sand to give you a nice clean base to spray your color on to.

Spray 2-3 coats of your black spray paint, allowing to dry in between coats. Make sure you have a nice solid color all over.


Allow your black paint to cure over night so you don’t have any mishaps with the tape when you add the gold.


After a day of curing, tape off the bottom of your lamp base to your desired height for the second color. Use a plastic bag to cover the top of your lamp so you don’t get any over spray on the top. IMG_5259.JPG

Spray evenly with metallic gold paint, use 2-3 coats and allow to dry for a few hours before bringing inside.


I ordered some Black Lamp Shades from Better Homes and Gardens online. You can find similar here.

And here is what they look like in the living room! I am trying to decide if seeing the partial inside of the lamp shade is bothering me or not. So who knows, they may move to a different room in the house at some point. But for now I am going to enjoy them. 😉







If you have any cool DIY Lamp Ideas please share below! I love when we can build off of each others inspirations!




closet/laundry room before.

We live in a pretty small bungalow. I’m talking 576 sq. ft. small. So I am sure it’s no surprise to you that our closets are also verrrrry small. The one in our bedroom is barely big enough for Nick to have all his clothes in so there was no way we were trying to share that. We decided to put my closet area in our laundry room downstairs. I’m actually really loving being able to take my clothes straight out of the dryer and immediately put them away.

This is the only room downstairs that wasn’t finished off with carpet and drywall. So it’s pretty dungeon like. Here is what it looked like before + a little paint.


It’s bad, and kind of scary, I know. First thing we did was put a fresh coat of white sealant paint on the walls. Just that alone was a HUGE change. Then we moved on to flooring. We checked our local surplus store and found this 12×16 piece of padded carpet for about $130.00. Which saved us a nice buck on flooring for the room.


So at this point we have the carpet down, walls painted and are getting things back in the room. I’ll be sharing the completed project next week along with an update on a dresser I’ve had for a while.


diy: updated thrift store art

I picked up this water color painting from goodwill not too long ago. You may have seen it in the “thrifty finds” post already.


I really love the painting but that 80’s frame had to go. I actually had a gold and white frame about the same size. So I just did a little trimming and swapped them out.




It looks perfect in the kitchen and the frame I had really makes it pop! It really makes a statement on the wall, especially for a $6 find!



thrift store finds.

another great weekend of finds my friends!


I’m not exactly sure why but I absolutely fell in love with this hand-painted water color and for $6 bucks there was no way I was going home without it! I picked up the Floral Brass Bookends for Esty and a couple little trinket dishes for my personal jewelry. But I think my favorite find of the day were these brand new Marble and Copper Lamps from Target. Which they no longer sell. That I got for $25 a piece! Woot-woot! I have been looking for this style of lamp for our bedroom for a while so when I found these it was like the thrift gods were smiling upon me! Like Ice Cube once said, “Today was a good day”.



diy: updated longaberger basket

let me just start this off with… I’m sorry Longaberger collectors! Growing up in Ohio my family was/are Longaberger basket collectors. I’ve been to the factory may times as a child. Heck, my mom and both my aunts use to paint the basket lids! So I did have a tiny moment of hesitation before executing this project. Then I got over and, realized how awesome my new blanket basket is!

Someone actually gave this to me a couple years ago and I have been using it for storage for quite sometime. When I noticed what a perfect home it was for just some of my many blankets, I kept trying to like it the way it was.

But I didn’t like it the way it was. Nope. Not at all. So I grab some black and gold paint, a brush and went to town.



Still a great Longaberger basket but with a more modern color choice. Think of all the possibilities you could dream up with that free basket someone gave you or that $5 basket you find at the thrift store! 😉





downstairs landing: update.

I may be extremely busy right now but once Nick told me he was finally cool with painting ALL the wood trim and paneling downstairs. I went and bought paint the next day. No way I was letting this become in question again.

So here it is, freshly painted and looking all lovely and stuff. Here is the before in case you forgot/missed how ugly it was.


Now it’s time to get to the real good part. The styling! I am looking for a bench, some wire baskets for storage and a cool shelving idea for under the gold mirror that I already have. I also need to find some wallpaper for parts of the stairs and then the bottom half of the wall right in front of the staircase. Feel free to leave me any suggestions you please!


meagan’s vintage pink tiled bathroom : ideas for the update.

One of my best friends called me over the weekend in desperate need of some design ideas for a house she might be buying. Her first words were, “the bathroom has pink tiles all over it, I need you to figure out how we can work with it to keep update costs low.” Now she may not purchase this home but her call got my design wheels turning.

Here is the actual bathroom. ((Sorry for the grainy pic but it’s all I have.))


My friend Meagan is very “glam” in her style and the things she likes for her home. So, my immediate color choice would be a rich Black, along with adding some wood to give a high-end look and feel.

I found this for inspiration from The Decorista on Pinterest.


Now I know Black Paint will be a hard sell so I also looked at some options with White and/or Pattern.


photo credit: Thow Swell 


photo credit: Retro Renovation

I personally think she will be happiest with the Black if I can convince her. It’s just so glam, fancy and rich but we will see which way she swings.

Here is my inspiration board to start the design process if she purchases the home. Complete with sources.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.43.22 PM.png

mirror / chandelier / Gone with the Wind-black text / Gone with the Wind Poster / vanity / shower curtain / Gone with the Win-gold text black paint

I am crossing my fingers that she buys this house. Just so I can take on this bathroom challenge! 😉