DIY: Framed Needle Point 

Spring is coming full circle in Ohio this week. And it’s got me all pumped to finish up some projects I’ve had on the back burner all winter. 

This one I am particularly excited about! I’ve had this needle point for about 5 years. I picked it up at thrift store for $4. I had no idea what I was going to do with it then and I actually have put it on Etsy several times hoping no one would buy it because I loved it so much. 

I decided a few months ago that it needed to go in our bedroom and I started thinking about how I wanted to hang it. I couldn’t decide if I should frame it for a more polished look or wrap it around a canvas for a more raw look. 

A few days later I did my normal thrift store rounds and found a frame at Goodwill that was the perfect freaking size. It was $40 bucks, which come one Goodwill. A little steep for the free shit you’ve been given. But… I knew I wouldn’t be able to find this nice of a frame at a better price and find another of the perfect size. 

All in all this was a super simple and quick project. I painted the frame white and fit that baby in there.

I used the thick matting that originally came in the frame to keep the needle point nice and tight and screwed on he backing. And that was it. So easy and it makes such a beautiful statement piece in our bedroom. 

I’m seriously obsessed with it and find myself standing in the bedroom staring at it, like “I fucking love you needle point, you complete me” okay maybe not that serious but it’s close. I mean spending $44 and hardly anytime is a win-win to me. Especially when it turns out this amazing! 


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