DIY: Updated Wreath 

I picked up this awesome wreath before Christmas. It had berries and greens woven through it and it was so unique. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Plus I think I paid about 16 bucks for it, so… Score.

I recently removed its holiday swag thinking I could definitely use this baby all year round.

Nick’s Aunt and one of my favorite people ever got us this “E” monogram for Christmas and I’ve had it lying around for a couple months unsure of what to go with it. Then, bam. I had a great idea using this “E” , a little jute and a glue gun!

This was one of the easiet projects ever. All you need is to wrap the jute around the middle (top) of the “E” and secure it with your glue gun. And whalah! Ready to hang!

It turned out even better than expected! I absolutely love it and cannot wait for it to get a bit warmer to add some touches of spring greens in too!



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