closet/laundry room before.

We live in a pretty small bungalow. I’m talking 576 sq. ft. small. So I am sure it’s no surprise to you that our closets are also verrrrry small. The one in our bedroom is barely big enough for Nick to have all his clothes in so there was no way we were trying to share that. We decided to put my closet area in our laundry room downstairs. I’m actually really loving being able to take my clothes straight out of the dryer and immediately put them away.

This is the only room downstairs that wasn’t finished off with carpet and drywall. So it’s pretty dungeon like. Here is what it looked like before + a little paint.


It’s bad, and kind of scary, I know. First thing we did was put a fresh coat of white sealant paint on the walls. Just that alone was a HUGE change. Then we moved on to flooring. We checked our local surplus store and found this 12×16 piece of padded carpet for about $130.00. Which saved us a nice buck on flooring for the room.


So at this point we have the carpet down, walls painted and are getting things back in the room. I’ll be sharing the completed project next week along with an update on a dresser I’ve had for a while.



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