diy: updated longaberger basket

let me just start this off with… I’m sorry Longaberger collectors! Growing up in Ohio my family was/are Longaberger basket collectors. I’ve been to the factory may times as a child. Heck, my mom and both my aunts use to paint the basket lids! So I did have a tiny moment of hesitation before executing this project. Then I got over and, realized how awesome my new blanket basket is!

Someone actually gave this to me a couple years ago and I have been using it for storage for quite sometime. When I noticed what a perfect home it was for just some of my many blankets, I kept trying to like it the way it was.

But I didn’t like it the way it was. Nope. Not at all. So I grab some black and gold paint, a brush and went to town.



Still a great Longaberger basket but with a more modern color choice. Think of all the possibilities you could dream up with that free basket someone gave you or that $5 basket you find at the thrift store! 😉






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