meagan’s vintage pink tiled bathroom : ideas for the update.

One of my best friends called me over the weekend in desperate need of some design ideas for a house she might be buying. Her first words were, “the bathroom has pink tiles all over it, I need you to figure out how we can work with it to keep update costs low.” Now she may not purchase this home but her call got my design wheels turning.

Here is the actual bathroom. ((Sorry for the grainy pic but it’s all I have.))


My friend Meagan is very “glam” in her style and the things she likes for her home. So, my immediate color choice would be a rich Black, along with adding some wood to give a high-end look and feel.

I found this for inspiration from The Decorista on Pinterest.


Now I know Black Paint will be a hard sell so I also looked at some options with White and/or Pattern.


photo credit: Thow Swell 


photo credit: Retro Renovation

I personally think she will be happiest with the Black if I can convince her. It’s just so glam, fancy and rich but we will see which way she swings.

Here is my inspiration board to start the design process if she purchases the home. Complete with sources.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 1.43.22 PM.png

mirror / chandelier / Gone with the Wind-black text / Gone with the Wind Poster / vanity / shower curtain / Gone with the Win-gold text black paint

I am crossing my fingers that she buys this house. Just so I can take on this bathroom challenge! 😉



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