thrifty finds.

I’m ashamed to say it but, its actually been a couple of months since I’ve restocked my Etsy Store. Sooo…… you can imagine how excited my little vintage loving heart was to FINALLY get out and score some goods for the shop!




I mean, this brass fox you guys! How offing cute is he?! Look for Mr. Fox and all these other great pieces in our Etsy Store now!



5 thoughts on “thrifty finds.

    1. try

      Thanks for letting me know Valerie. I was having trouble with it the other day and I guess it didn’t stick!

    2. it is working for me. would you try the shop link again and let me know if it still isn’t working. sorry for asking you to be my guinea pig 😉

      1. I went to it. 🙂 I used the link you gave in the comments, but the link in your post is instead of! 😉

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