deer pillow diy.

I actually made this little diddy during Christmas break but it turned out so cute I had to share the quick DIY.

I bought these 2 extra large pillows from Marc’s for $5 a piece forever ago. I never really liked them that well but figured I could always do something with HUGE $5 pillow.


While decorating for Christmas I needed some extra throw pillows for the sofa. And that’s when it hit me. Deer stenciled pillows! You guys, this turned out so stinking cute!


Here is what you’ll need:

-Old pillow or any kind of plain fabric you have lying around

-Pillow stuffing from old pillow or you can always pick some up at your local craft store

-Deer stencils, I used ones that I made to use on other projects but you could print something out online or use any animal your heart desires 

-Fabric Paint 

-Paint Brush

-Sewing Machine 

*keep in mind that most of my DIY’s are created from things I have lying around the house and you can really make any adjustments to be able to use whatever materials you also have lying around. 🙂 


I started by cutting up my existing pillow. The patterned fabric was a nice heavy canvas like material so I chose to use this piece for my pillow. This is the only piece of fabric I used.

Once I had my fabric ready. I folded it in half and made a quick stitch (fabric inside out) along the long edge.

**note: if the fabric you are using isn’t already hemmed on what will be your outside showing edges make sure you fold the down and do a quick stitch on those before making your stitch on the long edge. I did not have to do this the edges of my fabric were already hemmed.


Now, flip the pillow -right side out and you are ready to stencil!


Use your paint and brush to fill in your stencil with paint. I used Black but you could use any color you’d like. If you are using a canvas material like I did you will really have to “stomp” the paint into the fabric.


Once you have finished your painting, allow it to fully dry before finishing. I waited about an hour. Don’t feel discouraged if it doesn’t come out perfect. I accidentally got some paint outside of the stencil so I improvised and made that part of “the look”.

Now you’re ready to sew up your adorable new pillow! The ends on my canvas were already sewn to prevent fraying so all I had to do was create a stitch along each side. I decided to use Red Thread to add a little bit of color to my pillow. But, again use whatever you have or would go in your home.


After you’ve sewn the first edge, go ahead and stuff your pillow as much as possible. Pin the other edge as tightly as possible and slowly stitch your final side up on your sewing machine. You could hand stitch this if thats your thing. It isn’t mine so I fight with my stuffed pillow through the machine for the stitch. 🙂

And now you have a brand new, possibly free pillow to grace your sofa and wow your guests!





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