Tiny Bungalow: before and during the small reno.

I moved in with Nick about two and half years ago. To this tiny, sweet bungalow. We have done a lot of work to its 575 square feet in between work and life. I still can’t say it’s finished, which use to bother me. Now I see that it’s been constantly evolving into the perfect little home over these couple of years and it’s truly a collection of us. I know I’m happier now that it’s come together naturally and truly feels like home.

Here is a quick little tour on the before and some of the during the small reno we did. The biggest change was definitely the kitchen! ((scroll down to check it out)) I’ll be posting pics soon of what it looks like currently. *Stay tuned little porcupines.

We’ll start out the tour with the back entry. I love a good coat of white paint over wood paneling. just sayin’.

lua likes to sneak into the photos. she’s so vain sometimes.


Kitchen. holy wow it. was. hideous…

there she is again…


some minor during shots. it looks so different now.


Ahhh… A look at the old blood-dungeon bedroom. Wasn’t it lovely? This lasted about a month until I couldn’t take it anymore and painted it. I mean how could anyone wake up happy in these conditions? !

some slight progress about a month in. along with the ham again…

and we come to the office.
IMG_0332        IMG_0333
What I thought about making it look like in the beginning.
The crazy messed it somehow morphed in to for a while. Too many things Kate, too many things in your tiny house.

like, what is this hodgepodge?! so terrible.
some improvement…

Last but not least the living room.
This is the only “before” picture I could find. With all of our newly moved in crap all over.
This is what it looked like after I painted and rearranged, but it just didn’t feel like us.
IMG_0508     IMG_0534
It has undergone a lot of change even after this, and turned into a melting pot of sh** for a while.
finally coming together here.

Well that concludes the LONGEST. post. EVER. Now that you’ve invested half your life in this post make sure you come back soon to see some updated shots of our tiny-adorable-collective bungalow.



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