Around the Store: Curtain Rod Tutorial.

I was faced with a dilemma earlier this week. I desperately wanted curtains hung on the windows of the store. See it without curtains? It just needed them so badly.



Two issues, I didn’t have curtains long enough to go from floor to ceiling, couldn’t afford to buy any AND I am not allowed to damage the woodwork in any way…. I was stumped for a second. Then… a glorious, amazing idea came to me. To hang rope from curtain brackets to the desired length of the curtains I already had.

Here is a list of the supplies I used. Total cost was a little less than $40.00.

1. Gold Spray Paint

2. Electrical Conduit

3. Curtain Brackets

4. Jute Twine

All supplies purchased at Lowes.


The install was very easy and straight forward. After spray painting the electrical conduit, I just measured my curtain brackets to their desired places and hung them. Then I measured how many inches I needed to cut my rope to get the desired hanging height. I needed them to be 25″ long but since I was knotting them at both ends I went ahead and cut them at 27″ to allow myself to use some extra for the knots. The final step was just hanging the rope and inserting the conduit  curtain rod into each of two loops of rope.

Here is how it turned out in the end… ((sorry for the horribly dark pictures. An actual camera is definitely needed in the near future))

IMG_0025_2 IMG_0024_2 IMG_0023_2 IMG_0022_2







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