Spare Bedroom Makeover for under $250.

My sister is sporadically coming home for the weekend which led my Pops to decide he wanted to redo her old bedroom  junk room before she got here. So we had about one full working day to put it all together and on top of it he wanted to spend $300 max on the overhaul. Since making things nice on a tight budget is one of my specialties I gladly accepted the challenge.

Here are the before photos… ya, I know it looks like it was painted to look like a bowling shirt but what can ya do?


IMG_2520 IMG_2519

We only ended up spending around $250.00 in materials. Which went towards; all new bedding, a new rug, paint for the walls (Sweet Slumber from Valspar on walls/Madison Avenue from Valspar on furniture), curtains, and some rods.

In the near future my dad would like to add a pair of bedside tables, some artwork and paint the bed white. But here it is in all its fresh glory.

IMG_2550 IMG_2554


IMG_2549 IMG_2548


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