LP Co. Envisioning the Space.

I am sure this will be the first of many revolving ideas but this is a start. Lace curtains will line all of back wall. Sofa (will find similar) will be used in a client meeting area. Large rag rugs, I plan to put every where! (as long as I can find them cheap enough, of course) I found this tutorial to make an area rag rug on Vintage Revivals a while ago and have been dying to have a space where I could try it out! Problem solved! I plan on making my own pendant lights to hang around in different areas but the ones pictured are kind of the look I am going for. Andddd last but not least the daunting task of painting all the floors white. eeeek, this is so. freaking. EXCITING!!!

dream board 1 for LP Co


source list: fabric garland / lace curtains / upcycled pendant light / pendant light cluster / vintage Victorian sofa / rag rug tutorial from Vintage Revivals


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