Landfill Dogs, Mary Shannon Johnstone.

All I have to say, is this, Mary Shannon Johnstone is my new hero!

Over the past couple of years,  Johnstone has made a big impact for shelter dogs in North Carolina. Each week she takes one pup that is facing euthanasia and photographs them at a near by landfill to help promote their adoption. Not only is she promoting the homeless dogs adoption but she is making a much needed statement. Most county shelters are under the same management as the landfill, promoting the idea that homeless pets are just another piece of trash we will eventually throw away. This social value must be changed and Johnstone is more than doing her part to change it.

To find out more information and/or see how you can promote or contribute to Johnstone’s efforts check out the Landfill Dogs website.

All dogs pictured below are currently available for adoption in North Carolina, click on the pics for more information if you are in the area and interested in adopting.

All photo credits belong to Mary Shannon Johnstone.



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